MAC vs PC spots

MAC vs PC spots

Project: Mac PC spots

Client: MasterCraft Boats 

Involvement: Entire productions and postproduction.

This was a product for MasterCraft where they wanted to pretty much copy the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials from Apple.  They were received well by most and we ended up producing a total of 8, all with different themes.


We shot this here in Portland at a local studio which worked out great.  Will Zane and Jason flew in and we did the Intros and Outros for the current Rewind project at the same time.








Working out the teleprompter for speeds.














Jason, who was the co-star of the commercial spots, working hard to keep the script and teleprompter in-sync.










There were 9 spots total, below is one of the more funny one. What am I talking about… they were all very funny. If you want to see more… check YouTube.