06 X-Star spot

06 X-Star spot

Project: 06 X-Star spot

Client: MasterCraft Boats 

Involvement: Entire productions and most of the postproduction.


This was one of our most difficult but absolutely one of the most dramatic productions we have ever pulled off. The concept for the commercial came from Trevor Graves at Nemo design (MasterCraft’s add agency). The plan was to shoot the boat in the water but then composite those shots with a tunnel and castle to create a “Batman” feel. With only two nights to shoot, everything had to go smoothly and every shot had to be right with the shot list.  The footage was all shot on our Sony HD700 and then the compositing was done by the brains over at Nemo Design. 









Mark and Eric hard at work. The contraption they are attaching to the cage of the highlift is the fake wall we made to get the shot of the XStar coming out of the tunnel. This is one of the only shots that wasn’t composited afterwards.












Liz from MasterCraft just waiting for it to get dark so we can start shooting.













Lots of people discussing allot of nothing. We were actually trying to figure out how to light the interior of the boat using the boat battery. 









This part of the shot where the boat is coming out of the tunnel. We shot the tunnel wall the next night.











We shot two cameras for the last shot in the spot where the boat turns in front of the castle. We shot it on super 16 at 120fps and on the Sony HD500 just to be safe.








Here’s the tunnel we shot in on night 2. You can see we are actually putting the water reflections on the walls of the tunnel. Figure that one out.









This setup is for the shot of Andrew stepping into the XStar in front of the castle.











Late night discussions on how much this is all costing… naaahhh, just kidding.  Mark, Andrew, and Liz trying to figure out how much longer we are going to be at this.










The segment below is an excerpt from “Nomads” an athlete profile tv show on Rush HD. It just so happens that they were shooting Andrew the same week we were shoting the XStar spot.