08 X-Star spot

08 X-Star spot

Project: X-Star commercial

Client: MasterCraft Boats

Involvement: Entire production and postproduction.

For the 08 X Star commercial, we wanted to do some thing different. Try something that had never been done before. See what was possible. So we got this idea to run a cable camera system across a lake and see how close we could get it to a double up. We hired Mario and Alex from Freeride Entertainment and shipped the entire rig  down to Florida. It took us a day and half to get the 1000 foot rig set up between two high lifts.  With way to many set backs, including pending rain, a broken leg, a broken wrist, highlifts stuck in the sand, power in short supply and lost equipment we almost didn’t get this one done.

Update: We have had so many requests for the music track on the 08 XStar spot that we figured we should just post it. The track is called “Asswoopin” by Rob the Viking. For more information check out Battle Axe Records.

Below is the “Making Of” segment featured in MasterCraft’s Rewind08 DVD.

The “smart” end of the cablecam system. With the two line cable system the sled runs out and back by used of a highspeed electric motor spinning what looks like a bike wheel (it’s not).

Doing some late afternoon test with the HVX 200.  We use an Arri SR3 for the actual production but with difficulty of dialing in all the different variables we needed to shoot allot of test that we could go back and look at.

Mark and Alex up looking at a remote monitor feed wireless  from the system.

Rusty, with a broken wrist, still out there trying to make it happen.