Nelscott Reef

Nelscott Reef

Project: Nelscott Reef

Client: Legacy Films

Involvement: Helicopter camera operator and on site interviews

This is a documentry that Erich Lyttle of Legacy Films spent over 3 years putting together. Both Eric and Mark worked on a few of the different shoots, this one was a 2 day shoot in December. The production was for a documentary on the Nelscott Reef entitled “The Find” due out soon. There were 10+ HD cameras on this shoot including 2 waterhoused Z1Us shot from jetskis out in the surf.

Mark shot the entire day from the helicopter and Eric was on the beach interviewing teams as the came in and out of the surf.

Mark flying back to the airport for fuel and a bathroom break.  The temp was about 45 degrees without the wind chill.

Waiting for waves… doesn’t look like much but they wait pretty far out in order to get positioning.

For more information on this project check out the Official Web Site or Legacy Films