Project: Rewind08

Client: MasterCraft Boats

Involvement: Entire production and postproduction.

Rewind is a MasterCraft promotional based DVD that is built on the format of a TV show. There are about 15 segments ranging from product reviews to athlete profiles. The project is shot throughout the spring and summer and then the postproduction is done in the fall. The final product goes to DVD to be given away at the MasterCraft dealerships and boat shows. Then the individual segments get broken out to go on the MasterCraft website. For Rewind09 the footage was primarily shot on two cameras the Panasonic HDX900 and the HVX200. All in all, this is our biggest project of the year.

The segment above is the riders segment from the DVD. Parks, Shane, Rusty and Andrew. Thanks to Jack Blodgett for getting Rusty’s 1080 (last shot of the segment)



Mark and Donny getting ready to rip it on a peaceful morning in Orlando, FL. Donny, our photoboat driver, is one of keys to how we get such smooth and elegant shots of the boats.








For the saltwater boats we went down to the Florida Keys. Here we had all 7 of the MasterCraft Saltwater boat out running in formation for our helicopter shots. *You can see the shot in the segment below.







The segment below is the opening intro segment to Rewind08. To see more segments visit MasterCraft’s website.