Regal Sport Yachts

Regal Sport Yachts


Project: Yacht Running Footage

Client: Regal Boats

Involvement: Entire production and postproduction.



Regal Boats has a large number of Sport Yachts that range from 25 feet up to 52 feet. For this line Regal took us down to St. Petersburg FL where we had great water and lots beautiful locations. What we did not have was great weather. The majority of the footage ended up being the heli footage, which we had to postpone a day, but ended up being the best bang for their buck.

Donny and Mark getting set for some running footage with the Regal 3760.




Mark shooting out the side of the heli with our Panasonic HDX500. This is the Regal 4460 which is featured in the segment above.










Getting the last of the light. The Regal 3360 pulling off the beach.