Project: Rewind09 DVD

Client: MasterCraft Boats

Involvement: Entire production and postproduction.

Rewind is, by far, our biggest project of the season and has become more in-depth every year. This will be our 5th Rewind for MasterCraft and if you ask us I think it’s our best.  Starting the last week of March 08, we shot for 6+ weeks to produce all the footage for Rewind and the 09 boat line. We just finished the post production and the DVDs here in December.  All of the footage was shot on our HPX500 and HVX200.

The segment above is a piece Mark produced with Rusty Malinoski in Reno NV at the final Pro Wakeboard Tour stop. We had hoped Rusty would have a run at winning the tour championship but in actuality this segment is more in-depth and shows more about Rusty than if he would have won. Because of the stipulations of following Rusty on a very important day Mark shot this on our HVX200 and ran his own audio, which is a little rough in places.  Sometimes you just have do make it work and “Fix it in Post” Haha.

To see the entire Rewind09 DVD check with any MasterCraft dealer and ask for a DVD (they are free) or you can see additional segments at MasterCrafts website.

Download Rusty Malinoski’s segment from Rewind09 for your Ipod, Iphone or ITunes.

For more pictures and production notes check MasterCraft Boats 09 in our “Latest” posts.

The segment below is a diverse segment we shot down in the Florida Keys with the CSX265. Shot completely in one day, 5:30AM till 7:30PM, Mark and Eric used just about every piece of gear Bump Films owns for this segment.