Rewind10 Intro

Rewind10 Intro

Project: Rewind 2010 DVD

Client: MasterCraft Boats

Involvement: Entire production and postproduction.

Bump Films has now been producing the Rewind DVD for MasterCraft Boats for 7 years straight. MasterCraft has been involved with Bump Films since our first wakeboard movie, Shaft and our symbiotic relationship has proven time and time again to benefit us both. This year, MasterCraft wanted to change the opening segment and get away from the “Action, Action and more Action” type segment and develop a more elegent yet powerful piece. This is what we concocted.

We shot the boats in the MasterCraft engineering building hung from a monster lift… you can read and see more of how we did it here.

For the post and color correction, we had been using a burnt orange look in the last Rewind production, so we went the other way and used a deep blue look, which by the way was a lot more difficult to achieve than the burnt orange look.

We will put up more Rewind 2010 segments soon but in the mean time you can check out MasterCraft’s channel with all our videos here.

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