MasterCraft - 2011 Boats

Posted on: July 30, 2010

July 23rd started our monster 3 week shoot for MasterCraft Boats. The first 8 days were spent in a studio just outside Knoxville shooting 14 of the 25 boats for the 2011 model year.

The idea here was spawned from last years studio shoot we produced for the opening of the Rewind 2010 DVD. This time around we had a much larger space and a serious lighting package. After doing some serious testing of a lot of different 35mm set ups, we settled on the Cannon 5D with 2 primes and a 24-70 zoom. Mark also concocted a small dolly/slider the was small enough to get in and out of the boats. The image quality turn out great and we have since shot a few more little projects on the 5D.

Look for these shots in this years Rewind DVD and on all the boat pages within the MasterCraft website.

You can check out the some of the footage from this shoot here in the 2011 TV spot.

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  1. Bump Films » Blog Archive » Rewind11 Trailer Says:

    [...] The footage for this trailer came from two shoots. First off, we shot 15 of the new 2011 boats in a studio just outside Knoxville. We shot all of the boats on a Canon 5D with a Ziess 50mm and a Nikkor 110mm. Amazing clarity.

  2. Bump Films » Blog Archive » MasterCraft 2011 TV Spot Says:

    [...] footage was all shot in studio with a Canon 5D. Go Here for more on how we shot this [...]