Ski-Doo 2012 Sleds

Ski-Doo 2012 Sleds

This project was produced in conjunction with Frontier Films out of Montana for the Ski-Doo dealers and websites. In mid December we had a crew of 7 shooting all the new 2012 sleds in a “secret spot” up in Canada. After we finished up a week of shooting we produces 16 different videos including a segment on each model of snowmobile, a “line up” segment and a :30 TV Spot. It was a serious grind in the edit to get it all done but we had a great time and I think everyone is stoked with the segments.

The segment shown above is called “Master the Mountain” and showcases the Summit X and Freeride models. This piece was shot by┬áMikael Berntsson (hand held and tripod) and Mark Bame (from the Heli).

You can see all the segments (both French and English… yes we did the French versions too) on Ski-Doo’s 2012 website or on their YouTube page.

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