MasterCraft XStar Spot

MasterCraft XStar Spot

The 2013 MasterCraft X-Star Commercial Spots with Steel, Shota and Harley.

The piece attached here is a long version we produced for the web. There were also two :30 spots created for the NBC Sports Network with the same treatment.

We shot the night scenes at a marina just out side of Knoxville TN…. near the MasterCraft Factory. The action sequences were out on Lake Telico. ¬†We used a RED Epic for the whole shoot but changed out the lens mount. We used a PL adapter so we could mount a B4 lens with a powered zoom. This made it much easier to shoot the action footage on the water. For the night shots around the cabin and dock we used the Canon mount with a bunch of Canon primes and zoom lenses.

For the Post we converted everything down to 2K and edited in FCP7 (We still haven’t made the conversion to X) We did the color correction in house but took the audio down to DigiONE in Portland. (listen closely…. there is a lot going on in the audio track)

We had a good time producing this… and it’s probably one of our best pieces to date.

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The original X-Star Unveiling at Surf Expo in Florida.

We also released a Short Trailer about 10 days before the Commercials came out. This has some more behind the scene stuff.