MasterCraft “Trial By Fire”

MasterCraft “Trial By Fire”

Machines built for performance and progression: Rusty Malinoski and the fully redesigned XStar. Watch the convergence of these two epic forces…

This project was the the product of great collaboration between Nemo Designs, Kamp Grizzly, and Bump Films. The concept and creative came from Jay Floyd (Nemo Design) and the piece was directed by Dan Portrait (Kamp Grizzly). As far as Bump Films goes, Mark Bame was the DP and Eric Jeffcoat was the Camera Assistant.  We used the RED EPIC with both a PL mount and a Canon mount. All the action on the water was hand held using our Fuji 5.2 10x with a B4 adapter. It looks a little rough but it worked out great for ripping around on boats. For the shot around the airport, factory, and roads we used the Canon mount with a ton of Canon lenses. This gave us a great variety and flexibility.

We also used a bunch of GoPros and a Canon 7D with a water housing.  All this in 3 days of shooting.

Post Production was done by Kamp Grizzly utilizing the R3D files right out of the RED straight in to Adobe Premiere Pro. Using the 4K files they were able to zoom and reframe the footage right on the timeline with the native RED RAW footage.

You can check out the Final Version of “Trial by Fire” at MasterCraft’s YouTube Channel.