Lots and lots….

Back in the day we had this huge backpack rig with a Sony 999 lipstick camera inside a waterproof flashlight housing  with a custom made waterproof video cable connected to a DV deck inside a waterproof pelican case. That’s how we shot all our POV shots for years… Fast forward 10 years and what took thousands of dollars to build now comes in a little package called a GoPro.

Looking at our productions you can see many shots that are in very precarious positions. Some of these shots are DSLR cameras but most are GoPro’s. We have been building rigs for our GoPro cameras since they came out with the original Hero and we are now about to upgrade our stock to the new Hero3s.  Yes we have lost a few soldiers to crashes and wrecks but….we have the utmost respect for what these cameras allow us to do and we have rarely been disappointed.

We will be posting some of our best GoPro shots here soon and if we can make some time we might even put up a few hints on how we did them.

Thanks GoPro.