I grew up fascinated by images. Throughout high school, I tinkered with black and white photography and old video cameras. In college, my interests moved to super 8 film and video editing (old ¾ inch tape to tape, cuts only). After graduation with a Visual Communications BA from Western Washington University, I gravitated toward outdoor sports and ended up in Hood River, OR.  There I worked on 3 snowboard movies and learned the ins and outs of 16mm film and the battle tested Arri S.  I then moved to Seattle and began working in production as Assistant Camera and assistant editor.

In 1996, Bump Films was born in a basement of a rental house in Seattle, WA.  My roommate and I put together a production proposal for an instructional video on wakeboarding. After a season of begging, bartering, and loading up credit cards, “Class in Session” was released. Bump Films went on to produce three instructional series as well as four action movies. Our last, Free4all, won the 2002 Riders Choice Awards - Video of the Year.

We have since moved on to different types of production in the same action sports world.   The list of events and sports we have been involved in for TV, clients and documentaries is long and diverse including big wave surfing, snowboarding/skiing, marlin fishing, skateboarding wakeboarding/waterskiing, motocross and the list goes on.   We also specialize in product shoots for a few boat manufacturers. Over the past few years we have produced pieces for 19 foot waterski boats up to 50 foot offshore yachts.

Over time we have changed formats and cameras numerous times. We started out using 16mm ArriS bodies as well as some old Kodak windup cameras. Then moved on to an SR3 high-speed packages for super16.. We had a long stretch with BetaSP for many of our TV clients and onto Sony HDCam.  Currently we are using the Panasonic DVCProHD system for a lot of our clients with great success. We’ve developed a workflow that works smoothly within whatever environment we are working in and the images are impressive, coming from a film background.

Our production is based around the image we obtain. I am a firm believer in the age-old mantra: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you might have.

Mark Bame


Bump Films Inc.